Peter Feldon

Pete Feldon specialises in the Care Act and is the author of The Social Worker’s Guide to the Care Act 2014. He provides training based upon his book and he uses additional content developed for the revised edition that is due to be published in 2023.

His approach to his writing, training and policy development is informed by his background of working in social care as a social worker, trainer, manager and policy developer. As Chair of the BASW England Adults Group he has been involved in consultations on adult social care at a national level.

His aim is to enable social workers and their managers to improve their legal literacy through a better understanding the legal framework within which they make professional judgements and apply their expertise, and to suggest how best to make defensible decisions. The content of his training draws heavily on the available evidence from Ombudsman findings and judicial reviews.

With the advent of the new CQC quality assurance role in relation to the application of the Care Act, Pete has developed his training approach to assist local authorities in reviewing local practices. His material takes account of the changes to the Care Act brought about by Health and Care Act 2022.

Mostly he delivers training sessions to registered social workers, but can adapt the content for people who are not social workers who want to understand the detailed application of the Care Act