Corporate Social Responsibility

At Talking Life, we recognise that we have social, ethical and environmental responsibilities.

At our last company AGM in April 2022, we discussed the requirements of us as a business to quantify how we will reduce our carbon emissions to net zero. This is currently being worked on by the directors of the business and we aim to complete a formal plan to reduce our carbon footprint by 2023 which will be published here on our website.

We the meantime we are currently working hard to reduce our impact on the environment by taking the following steps:-

  • We are encouraging the delivery of our training by virtual delivery rather than classroom-based delivery. If we continue to deliver the majority of our training virtually this has a significant impact on our total carbon emissions
  • Encouraging delegates to use electronic materials rather than printed materials. This alleviates using couriers as well.
  • Becoming a paperless office. Since September 2020 Talking Life has had in place, bespoke, web-based Client relationship Management system, to organise and manage all training bookings, delegate bookings, trainers, materials, invoicing, book-keeping, evaluations, and record keeping. This means that there is no need for any paper elements within our training processes. We sign all of our trainer and customer contracts electronically.
  • We are using recycled resources, e.g. paper and packaging & rejecting single use plastic
  • All office equipment is switched off at the end of the working day
  • We are recycling as much as possible within our office environment including using biodegradable coffee pods
  • We are source equipment and materials from sustainable suppliers
  • We already hold meetings online instead of face-to-face
  • Our team use public transport – and have done for many years – where feasible, to travel to review meetings with clients (if they can’t be held virtually) and to training venues.

One of our Directors is a founding member of Friends of Hoylake & West Kirby Beaches, a voluntary group which aims to help preserve one of The Wirral’s most important amenities for the local community.  The beaches are already an important habitat for birds and for one of only two habitats for the Natterjack Toad. Volunteers monitor the beaches, helping to keep them free from plastic and other waste and also from invasive grasses. Talking Life’s offices are sited only yards from Hoylake Beach.