Carmen Colomina

Carmen Colomina is a Social Worker who has over 23 years’ experience in adult social care. Her experience spans from direct work with adults, improvement consultancy, including development and delivery of learning and development programmes in health and social care across the UK. 

Carmen is passionate about Social Work and improving outcomes for individuals in the community, and champions strength-based leadership and practice, legal literacy and person-centred care, ensuring that social care practitioners are supported and recognised for their vital work and seeking to ensure inequality is challenged and address. 

Carmen collaborated with DHSC in the development of The Care Act statutory guidance and has an outstanding level of knowledge and experience in training in the Care Act and its application to practice at operational and strategic level.

Carmen has mentored several professionals during her career and has received the ‘mentor of the year’ nomination as a health and social care mentor to an apprentice undertaking NVQ2 qualification.

She is an experienced change and programme manager who has worked extensively in social care improvement work with Local Authorities including business process redesign and its subsequent training and the development of bespoke programmes of support for implementation, increasing compliance around the duties and principles of the Care Act and maximising understanding around the implications for behaviours – strengths-based approach, person centred care, etc. – and culture change within local authorities and wider stakeholders.

Carmen is a highly regarded expert trainer with exceptional communication skills.