Young Onset Dementia

Course Outline

As scientific and medical knowledge advances, there are increasing numbers of people in midlife being diagnosed with relatively unusual forms of dementia. Numbers will increase as diagnostic accuracy improves, and it is important to recognise the unique care needs of people diagnosed with these less common forms of dementia.

This learning intervention will enable those attending to understand young onset dementia, appreciate the impact and implications for their respective client groups and apply learning to their workplace.

How long is the Course?

1 day

Who is the Course aimed at?

Anyone working with adults in health or social care

What will you learn?

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define young onset dementia;
  • Recognise the specific care and service requirements of people affected by young onset dementia;
  • Propose ways in which services could be designed to best suit people with young onset dementia;
  • Understand the relevance of research initiatives; Identify relevant resources for future reference and learning;
  • Interpret the effect of young onset dementia on the person diagnosed, their family, friends and carers.


“Brilliant Trainer. Lots of knowledge & explained things simply, which is what I needed” – Community Practitioner, Suffolk

“Lots of really useful information to support me in my job role” – Social Worker, Suffolk

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