Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – for Managers & Team Leaders


This course is designed to show and help team leaders understand their responsibilities to ensure that the workplace is one where all risks are minimised from cases of sexual harassment occurring.  To do this, the trainer will get team leaders to explore and understand what is expected of them under company policy and UK law as well what is expected of them as part of their legal duty of care towards their teams. The session will help them understand what actions to take where they see inappropriate conduct taking place or if they receive a complaint directly. The session will also seek to dispel notions that there is a difference between banter and sexual harassment in the workplace as well as look at how our own psychological biases can influence and inadvertently support a culture where harassment can happen.

Who is the Course aimed at?

Managers or team leaders who need to update their awareness of what constitutes sexual harassment and their responsibilities to ensure there is minimal risk in the workplace.

How long is the Course?

3 hours


On completion of the session, team leaders will be able to:

  • With reference to company policy and employment law, explain what constitutes sexual harassment and demonstrate their responsibilities as leaders to ensure all risks of an incident happening are minimized.
  • Identify best practice strategies for dealing with a sexual harassment complaint in support of a colleague who is the recipient of the unwanted conduct and dealing with the perpetrator.
  • Have an awareness of how their own role as a position of power can lead to complaints of sexual harassment as well as the impact of not taking a complaint seriously.
  • Understand how organizational culture as predominantly a social system needs clear boundaries and guidelines for employees to follow when we all have our own psychological biases of what we consider acceptable social interaction.

A version of this course is available for non-managers. For further information click here.

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