Risk Assessment

Course Outline

A one-day training session (may also be run as a half day) to give participants an understanding of risk assessment and risk management as appropriate to their work settings.

Who is the course aimed at?

Anyone working in a health and/or social care setting. The session would be tailored around the specific needs of the participant group, using where appropriate situations that they themselves experience in their everyday work

How long is the course?

1 day

What will you learn?

– Be able to define their own responsibilities, and the responsibilities of their colleagues, managers and service users in relation to risk assessment

– Be able to list the main points of the Health and Safety at Work Act

– Be able to list the main points of other legislation and regulations, as appropriate to their work settings (eg RIDDOR, COSHH, LOLER, Display Screen Equipment, HACCPPEWER, PPE, Manual Handling etc)

– Understand the importance of risk assessments and be able to carry them out confidently

– Understand the definition of various important words, eg ‘risk’, ‘hazard’, ‘harm’, ‘safe’ etc.

– Be able to list advantages and disadvantages of taking risks

– Have practised various different tools for assessing and managing risk

– Have related the theory of the training to practical examples from their everyday work settings

– Understand their own workplace policies and procedures in relation to risk assessment


“Very enjoyable, informative day; excellent trainer”


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