Parenting Assessments

Course Overview

This course aims to develop practitioners’ knowledge and understanding of parenting assessment and analysis and the importance of multi-agency working.

Who is the Course aimed at?

Foster Carers

How long is the Course?

1 day

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course it is envisaged that practitioners will:

  • be able to confidently identify parenting capacity and areas of concern in assessment to ensure that children and young peoples outcomes improve and they remain safe.

• have gained an awareness of types of resistance including, disguised and non compliance, aggression and hostility

• have explored what constitutes hostile, aggressive or conflictual encounters

• have considered barriers and challenges in working with resistance and challenging families


“I can recommend how beneficial it was to attend this training especially as my skills and knowledge have developed over time. This training will support any assessment that I work with as the theory applies across a wide spectrum. The tools used will support and evidence my existing ability to assess parenting capacity” – Foster Carer, West London

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