Multi Skilling the Team


It is crucial that all team members have a breadth of skills which enable both roles to be covered in times of absence and for promotion opportunities when vacancies arise (succession planning).


To identify and discuss the tools and techniques available to effectively multi skill a team through the transference for skills, training, mentoring and coaching.

Learning Outcomes
  • Types of multiskilling – the activities we can co-ordinate in order to provide multi skilling opportunities
  • Who needs to get multi skilled? – identifying the ideal candidates within your team
  • Developing multi skilled teams – making the necessary arrangements for multi skilling opportunities to take place and assessing their level of effectiveness
  • Advantages of Multiskilling – the benefits for the team, practice and patience
  • Barriers to Multiskilling – the challenges you may face and ways to overcome them

This session is appropriate for people in management or supervisory roles. There are no pre-requisites for this session.


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