Motivational Interviewing

Course Outline

This course will introduce Motivational Interviewing as a client-centred counselling approach for eliciting behavioural change in all aspects of life.

It can be usefully applied in helping clients/patients to be healthy, to stay safe and make a positive contribution and is an approach that is widely applicable from working with people who suffer from severe eating disorders, addictions/mental health issues to helping people in making a decision around stopping smoking. It provides a framework for learners within which they can assess where people are on the cycle of change and how they can help them to move through resistance and ambivalence to a stage where they can usefully set their own goals.

It is essentially a focused and goal-directed approach in helping people to make decisions about behavioural changes. The course focuses on the principles and practices of Motivational Interviewing, enabling participants to increase their confidence and develop skills in this approach. Day one will focus on the building blocks that we need to have conversations around change, whilst day two will guide participants in an interactive way through the process of change.

Who is the course aimed at?

This course is aimed at health & social care professionals

How long is the course?

2 days (a 1 day version is available without skills practice)

What will you learn?

– Reflect on their beliefs around motivation and use aspects of the MI approach that fits their style of working

– Use Reflective Listening skills in facilitating change

– Describe the Cycle of Change and understand the essence of how to explore Ambivalence

– Use the MI model as a map to know where to focus when their work with clients/patients feel stuck

– Work creatively with resistance

– Have a feel for the whole Process of the MI model and reflect on how they can apply it within their work context

– Use the MI model alongside their other duties in brief direct work around behaviour change

-Skills practice (two day course only)


“Excellent facilitator; the days went very quickly as he made sessions interesting & very informative – thank you!”  -Dietitian, NHS, Carlisle

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