Mental Health Awareness

Course Overview

Mental health problems are an increasing public health concern, not just in the UK but they are prevalent around the world. But despite this, many people there is less awareness than there should be about mental health and mental illness and there needs to  be an improved understanding of how people can manage or recover from mental ill health and how suicide risk can be reduced.

This Mental Health Awareness course aims to increase awareness and understanding, particularly amongst professionals who may regularly come into contact with people with mental ill health. The course also aims to raise awareness of how the equality act applied to mental health and about the importance of self care for mental wellbeing.

Who  is the course aimed at?

Anyone who wishes to understand more about mental health and mental illness

How long is the course?

1 day

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to


  • Distinguish between mental health and mental illness
  • Describe how different mental health problems could affect people
  • Describe how treatment and recovery can improve life for those with mental ill health
  • Provide basic care to a person with thoughts of suicide
  • Apply the equality act to mental health
  • Care for their own mental wellbeing.



“The instructor used good and relevant examples which helped us better understand the content. He was light hearted, which made it easier to pay attention and not feel too bogged down with the content.” (Centre Manager)

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