Manual Handling

Course outline

This course informs staff about the legislation and their responsibilities regarding the handling of people/children/inanimate objects. Delegates will also be made aware of how poor handling techniques can lead to injury and what measures are required to prevent an injury occurring.

Who is the course aimed at?

All health and social care staff

How long is the course?

1 day


What will you learn?

– To have an awareness of the legislation regarding Manual Handling and their responsibilities.

– To be aware of the principles of safe handling and unsafe/controversial techniques.

– To recognise Personal Assessment / Handling Plans and to be able to contribute to these effectively.

– Identify manual handling hazards and risks to both self and Service User and injuries caused by incorrect handling.

– Be aware of their own capabilities and limitations and to perform the techniques safely.

– To be able to contribute to good practice in the workplace.

Learning Methods

Group work

Formal input





“An excellent experience”€ – Age Concern, South Wales


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