Making Safeguarding Personal


The key principle of Making Safeguarding Personal is to support and empower each adult to make choices and have control about how they want to live their own life. It is about responding to safeguarding situations in a way that enhances their involvement, choice and control, as well as improving their quality of life, wellbeing and safety.

This course highlights ‘Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP)’ and what this means for practitioners and vulnerable adults alike. The course looks at how adults are involved at the very beginning, the middle and the end of their involvement with the services they are working with. The 6 principles are explored and how they fit within MSP. Also, in this very interactive course legislation under the Care Act, Human Rights Act and other relevant laws are covered and explored within MSP. Including sharing information with other authorities. The course ends with interview skills focused on how to interview to obtain the views, opinions, needs and wants of the adult, and not focused on the agency’s needs.

Who is the Course Aimed at?

This course is aimed at all agencies working with vulnerable adults, and includes NGO’s, charities and volunteering arena within adult social care

How long is the Course?

1 Day

Learning Outcomes

Delegates will know what Making Safeguarding Personal means;

when working with vulnerable adults

when applying the role of best interests in the safeguarding process.

when Illustrating how to provide a rationale for safeguarding outcomes.

when obtaining information from the adult and other agencies

when working within the 6 principles

when working with other agencies to achieve MSP outcomes




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