Life Story Work


The aim of this course is to give practitioners and  Foster Carers an awareness of what is meant by Life Story Work and the importance of it in the child’s journey. It explores the impact of traumatic experiences on memory and helps Carers to find ways to help the child to collect present memories to shift the balance. It will support practitioners to manage the difficult conversations that Life Story Work sometimes creates for children and young people and explore their own emotions and feeling around having these discussions. Finally it will demonstrate to practitioners the important role they have to play along with other professionals and the child in helping them to fit together the missing jigsaw pieces in the Cared for Child’s Life Story

Who is the Course Aimed At?

Social Workers and foster carers

How Long is the Course?

One day

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand what Life Story Work is and why do we undertake life story work
  •  Have a greater awareness of the experiences of many children whose lives are disrupted, prior to coming into care
  • Understand the important role Practitioners and Foster Carers can play in the Life Story Work process
  •  Explore Ideas for the content of Life Story memorabilia




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