Food Hygiene & Hydration

Course Outline

To comply with Government legislation and raise awareness of issues concerning service users in order to improve the quality of care provided & lower the risk of service users becoming ill due to:

– Foodborne illnesses such as food poisoning

– Dehydration, due to lack of fluids.

Incidents of malnutrition, dehydration and food-borne illnesses in the care sector, particularly among elderly & frail residents, are increasing. There is a need, therefore, for raised awareness of the importance of good food hygiene amongst staff working in this sector. This course can be used as APL towards an NVQ.

Who is the course aimed at?

Adults working within the care sector in a variety of roles including: carers, nurses, cleaners, domiciliary carers, managers, chefs, kitchen assistants, domestics & office staff

How long is the course?

1 day

What will you learn?

– Staff to recognise & deal with associated (health) problems earlier, through improved

knowledge & raised awareness of Food Hygiene

– Service users to feel more confident in the care & understanding they receive

– Lowered risk of cross-contamination due to improved standards of Food Hygiene

– Lowered risk of cross-infection due to improved standards of Food Hygiene

– Reduction in the need for medication or hospitalisation due to food-borne illnesses

eg: food poisoning

– Improvement in choice options for service users, through better informed staff passing

on their Food Hygiene & Hydration knowledge gained from training

– Service users to have a right to expect & receive a higher standard of care


Comments from previous delegates include “Informal, relaxed”, “Refreshing knowledge”, “Light-hearted and everyone could have their point of view heard”, “Learnt about nutrients (in food) and I enjoyed everything about the course”, “I now know the difference between cross-contamination & cross-infection”


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