Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults: Interventions and Motivations


This programme aims to give practitioners the opportunity to examine and explore the nature of the exploitation of adults at risk of harm. It will consider the nature of that exploitation and how it can manifest in our communities and care settings in order to help practitioners to intervene in order to minimise either the risk, or experience of, abuse.

How long is the Course?

1 Day

Who is the Couse Aimed at?

Anyone who deals in adult social care

Learning Outcomes
  • The nature of harm and exploitation of adults: the values and attitudes that enable both its disguise and its disclosure.
  • What is vulnerability? The challenges of capacity and capability. Is this an Unwise decision or are there other forces at play. This will include consideration of coercive control, issues of consent and the ability to engage in relationships
  • Using the principles of safeguarding and the Care Act Eligibility criteria to inform decisions of intervention under s42 of the Care Act.
  • Scams, mate and hate crime – who’s vulnerable and what are the department’s duties and powers?
  • Using partnership working to manage risk
  • By the end of the session, participants will have been able to reflect on the learning and their experience to date when working with, identifying and planning interventions, for adults at risk of harm

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