Enteric Feeding

Course Outline

Enteral tube feeding has become a widely used health care technology both in the hospital and community settings, and its increasing use is associated with a range of different routes and systems for delivery of nutrition. But the fact that more patients are being fed Via this method , is not matched by education and training for those providing care

This course is designed to enable staff to develop an understanding of Enteral Feeding;

– To Discuss methods of administration

– Complications -Trouble shooting and management.

– Awareness of the relationship of infection prevention and control

– Care of the Stoma site/Tube

Who is the course aimed at?

How long is the course?

Half day

What will you learn?

– Definition of enteric feeding

– Anatomy and Physiology of the G.I .tract

– Indications for Peg Insertion

– Incidence and management of the tubes

– Complications/Trouble shooting

– Care of the stoma site /Tube

– Infection control considerations

– Medications via the peg tube

– Questions/Answers session

– End of course paper

– Summary


“Very good course” (Carer, Walsall)


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