Embracing Change

Embracing Change Framework

A programme for candidates to understand the change process as well as the pace of change and how we can control our journey positively. Also to become resilient and maintain a positive mindset throughout the whole process; to embrace and take an active part in the process every time.
The course will enable candidates to build the skills and confidence to enable them to self navigate through the change journey understanding how much control they have. They will develop resilience to positively embrace change and motivate themselves throughout and beyond.

Candidates will learn how to:

  • Become self-aware of positive and negative behaviours
  • Influence themselves positively and confidently
  • Identify and manage own emotions as well as other peoples
  • Remain calm and professional in times of stress
  • Navigate the change journey
  • Motivate themselves and their colleagues through change
  • Embrace change early to positively influence their journey
  • Manage relationships positively through support
Course Outline
  •  Introduce concept of ‘Self-awareness’, allow people to understand they have positive and negative behaviours and how they can identify them
  • Learn the precepts of ‘Emotion Management’ (safely challenging existing behaviours), learn how to respond instead of react, understand we can choose what emotion we want, no one makes us ‘feel’
  • How to build on this to become resilient, what is resilience, how can I choose to be resilient at any time, how to retain our power and not give it away – techniques, the suit of armour/water off a duck’s back
  • The Change Process – Fisher’s personal transition curve * (presented appropriately or candidates), understanding the stages and the emotions associated, exercise to understand where everyone is on the curve (powerful exercise to increase selfawareness), understand the change process is the same in personal life as business life – mention of Kübler Ross grief curve and its similarity
  • How to build self-motivation
  • Motivating self through the change process
  • Managing our relationships through the process to support and be supported to realise how the results of change can be positive
  • Summary of learning; understanding that by embracing change we have more control over the process, ourselves, our relationships and our motivation
  •  Q&A  https://www.csu.edu.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0006/949533/fisher-transitioncurve-2012.pdf
Course Length

A One day session

To Download a copy of the course outline please click here.


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