Compassionate Leadership


Getting the best out of people as a leader doesnt just involve the traditional skills of issuing orders and expecting others to follow. In the current workplace, its increasingly important for those from the top of the organisation to the bottom, to be able to work together, show respect and offer kindness.

This is known as Compassionate Leadership, described as Leaders focussing on relationships through careful listening to, understanding, empathising with and supporting other people, enabling them to feel valued, respected and cared for, so they can reach their potential and perform at their best.

How Long is the Course?

1 day

Who is the Course Aimed at?

Managers and Leaders (Existing & Potential) in the Organisation


On conclusion of this course, participants will understand:

  • How managers and leaders can get the best out of their team by growing their team with development and positive leadership
  • How to adapt the ‘Servant Leadership’ model by Robert Greenleaf to their own situation.
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.
  • How intrinsic and extrinsic motivation impacts team performance and how it can produce high performing teams.
  • The use of Belbin Team Roles to identify the make-up of the team and how the team roles work together

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