Child Development


This course considers a range theories relating to child development and the relevance of these to assessing and safeguarding the needs of children and young people.

An understanding of child development is critical in supporting children and young people in relation to developing child plans and considering how best to support a child or young person to achieve positive outcomes and reach their full potential

This course focuses on the need for consideration to child development in safeguarding and assessing needs of children, young people and their families

Who is the Course Aimed At?


How Long is the Course?

1 day

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will have:

  • An understanding of a range of developmental areas including social, behavioural, physical, intellectual and moral development
  • Recapped variety of theories of child development and their relevance to practice, safeguarding and assessment
  • Considered the spectrum of human need and how children and young people differ from adults
  • Explored developmental issues relating key transition stages in childhood and adolescence
  • Explored the role and needs of parents in relation to child development and considered any complex issues e.g. disability, cultural issues and loss and separation
  • Considered the impact of stressful and harmful experiences on child and adolescent development
  • Considered how to record evidence that a child’s developmental needs are not being effectively met e.g. issues of neglect, abuse, impairment of development etc

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