Attachment & Trauma

Course Outline

The course is aimed at improving theoretical knowledge around the long term impact of poor attachment patterns and trauma in early childhood. It is an interactive course for anyone working with children.

On completetion delegates will be able to;

– explore the importance of secure attachments in early childhood

– describe the development of insecure attachments on children and the long term impacts on their lives

– present the impact of trauma on early childhood, how this impacts on brain development and the long term consequences for children

Who is the course aimed at?


Foster carers

Residential workers

Early years workers

Social workers / assistant social workers

How long is the course?

1 day

What will you learn?

– be able to list the different attachment patterns and explain how they develop in children

– know the possible signs in children of all ages of the different patterns of attachment

– understand the impact of trauma on the developing brain, including the impact this has on stress regulation

– have a range of strategies in supporting children develop secure attachments and begin to recover from trauma.


“Thoroughly enjoyed this session; trainer excellent”


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