Assessment & Analysis – Developing Professional Curiosity


This course uses Morrison’s reflective model of experiential supervision to develop practitioner skills in undertaking assessments in a variety of settings. This model is currently used across adult and childcare services, health provision, and education.
The course considers the need for assessment including relevant underpinning legislation, theories, models and methods of assessment for multi-agency settings. It will include areas such as who is being assessed, what is the purpose and how will the assessment be used in planning around children’s needs.

Who is the Course Aimed at?

Children’s Social Workers

How Long is the Course? 

Two Days

Learning Outcomes
  • Analysis of Assessment

– Concept of professional judgement
– Tools to aid analysis and understanding
– Principles of critical thinking
– Involving service users and carers
– Evidence based practice

  • Explored what it meant by analysis and how it informs decision making and action planning using Kolb’s reflective cycle including This will include exploration of issues impacting on ability of
    parents to engage in assessments e.g. involuntary clients and the change cycle. Fear, anxiety and attachment behaviours.
  • Had an opportunity to practice a range of techniques for undertaking assessments and using questions to enhance and focus discussions in assessments. E.g. socratic and motivational interviewing techniques to gather information methods of analysis (solution focused approach to problem solving and identifying themes issues and hypothesising in analysis



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