Stella Camara

Stella Camara has worked in Health & Social Care for over 18 years, the last eight years, were at Senior Management level in the adult care sector where she also worked as a mentor and trainer.

After gaining training qualifications, Stella became an independent trainer in January 2016 and has delivered countless courses on a wide range of subjects, particularly accredited first aid at all levels.  Stella is passionate about providing people with the knowledge they need to “do better” and she has a mission to eradicate bad practice.

Her approach is based on facts, hands on practice, regulatory and legal framework. She tries to strike a balance of “Show and tell” by using relevant examples, demonstrating and explaining the repercussions of bad practice.  Stella is adaptable when delivering training and tailors it to the needs of her target audience using various tools to ensure that learning styles are catered for.  This makes for variety in each training session, maximizes impact and specifically meets the needs of the service.

“This is the best MCA training I have ever been on” – Adult Social Worker, London

“Exquisite training!” – Adult Social Worker, London

“Best training I have ever had. Extremely interesting” – Adult Social Worker, London