Justine Caroll

Justine Caroll is a specialist safeguarding trainer and specialist investigator in cases of child abuse. She is a former police officer, where she served 15 years with the Cheshire Police. She specialised in investigating cases of child abuse and was involved in numerous complex cases. Justine was also a foster carer for 15years, specifically fostering children with complex issues, in particular adolescents who sexually offend.

Justine is part of the National Safeguarding Team for British Gymnastics; her role includes investigating safeguarding and child protection concerns within the sport as well as delivering their safeguarding training. She works nationally and internationally delivering safeguarding from basic to designated lead officer, Achieving Best Evidence, forensic interviewing of child victims and witnesses of abuse. She has worked for the Falklands Police delivering the ABE forensic training to the police and social services. Just also works internationally with British Schools overseas, training staff on all aspects of safeguarding and child protection.

Justine’s training is always highly evaluated.