Chad Marshall Lane

Chad has worked in health and social care for over 25 years in various settings supporting vulnerable individuals with all aspects of daily life. He has worked with the elderly, dementia, adults with learning disabilities, adults with meant health issues, young homeless individuals, and children in various childcare settings.

Chad completed his health and social care degree in 2017, he returned to children services for a short while before making the decision to deliver training to the health and social care sector.

Chad specialises in LGBT+ training and is passionate in ensuring that services have a good understanding of this subject so that they can deliver adequate person-centred care.

Chad is a Transman and ensures that this topic is covered appropriately allowing time for questions and conversations. Chad is able to use his own experiences to help others become more aware of trials and tribulations that the LGBT+ community faces on a daily basis.

Chad is passionate about delivering quality training and ensuring that delegates stay engaged throughout the session.