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Warner Interview Training Warner interviews are a result of ‘Choosing with care’ (The Warner report, 1992) which was established to review selection, development and management of staff in children’s homes. This highlighted recruitment as a particular concern. Warner has since been developed for use within all settings working with children and young people.

Who is Warner Interview Training aimed at?

All staff who conduct Warner interviews

Course Length

1 Day

Learning Outcomes

  • developing safer recruitment policies and procedures for your organisation
  • using the identify, prevent, deter and reject process
  • preparing the recruitment process.
  • selecting the right people to interview
  • carrying out thorough background checks
  • responding to concerns identified through background checks and assessing risk
  • responding to inappropriate behaviour and allegations of abuse
  • having an awareness of 'professional' offending behaviour
  • Identify useful interview questions using the Warner method and be able to evaluate answers
  • produce induction of new staff to prevent poor practices
  • keeping records of the recruitment process in line with the UK standard
  • creating policies and procedures for ‘safe’ working practices with and around children
  • identify how and why organisations have failed and the consequences.

As with Safer Recruitment the key message is the importance of a multi-layered recruitment process.  Warner interviews require recruiters to probe candidates about their personal life, attitudes, and motivations, to establish a fuller picture of the character of the applicant and especially their suitability to work with children and adults at risk of harm.

The Warner Interview

1. During the Warner interview candidates will be expected to share more personal aspects of their background.  The professionally trained Warner interview panel will need to talk to you directly about your values, beliefs, motivation and attitudes since such issues impact directly on suitability for the posts.

The competencies looked at during the process will be:

  • Motivation to Work with children and young people
  • Emotional awareness and ability to self-reflect
  • Working within professional boundaries and self-awareness
  • Ability to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people.

2. After the Warner interview the candidate will be told whether or not they are to be included in the competency-based interview.  

3. If the candidate has not been included, a debrief should be provided by one of the Warner interviewers on request.

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