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When employees feel personally valued and are personally motivated by their work, engagement in their job and improved outcomes almost naturally follow. Team members’ motivation levels can have an impact on their productivity, the quality of their work, their engagement, morale and their relationships with others. It is vital, therefore, to create the conditions for motivation to thrive within the team

Who is Valuing and Motivating Others aimed at?

Supervisors and managers

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

bythe end of the course delegatges will be able to:- 

  • Describe types of motivation and explain key elements of a plan to motivate
  • Understand and identify personal values
  • Create a plan to increase motivation and decrease demotivation
  • Synchronise personal values with personal motivations for self and others
  • Define employee engagement and its effect on performance
  • Describe behaviours that foster employee engagement
  • Motivate others to achieve their goals and to harmonise their personal goals with the goals of the organisation 
  • Become their own role model
  • Build strategies to value and enhance others motivation
  • Value each person as an individual

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