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This Trauma Informed Practice (Adults) Training course aims to give participants an understanding of the effects of trauma on human development and behaviour. It considers the role of developmental and emotional trauma and the potential life long effects this can have on people’s outcomes. The programme also considers the effect of trauma and moral injury on the workers supporting people and how this can cause moral injury and detachment from the needs of people we aim to help

Who is Trauma Informed Practice (Adults) aimed at?

Adult Social Workers

Course Length

1 Day

Learning Outcomes

  • Considering what we mean by trauma – emotional and developmental and the effects of this on the brain
  • Examination of this in light of attachment and relationships and an exploration of the behaviours associated with having experienced trauma in early life.
  • Supporting people living with the effects of trauma – their needs and the issues/dilemmas this can lead to in practice for social work (ie managing risk, capacity issues and questions. Whether it is possible to engage with mental health services etc)
  • What working with traumatised people can do to those who aim to support them – moral injury in social work.
  • How we can support each other and ourselves to keep engaged and curious

By the end of the session, participants will have had the opportunity to understand the effects of trauma on human growth, behaviours and relationships. They will have been able to examine the importance of attachment relationships to the outcomes of traumatised people. They will also have considered the effects of traumatic work experiences on their own wellbeing and have begun to identify strategies to help them recover from moral injury in practice


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