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This 2-3 hour course is for individuals in the organisation who need to either ‘meet’, ‘train’ or communicate using the virtual platform of MS Teams. The course will give delegates the confidence to use all the tools available on the platform and give them useful hints and tips on how to make the experience as close to a face-to-face or classroom experience as possible. Delegates will be given a comprehensive ‘how to’ guide on how to use MS Teams which will be used to work through the session and which can be taken away to refer to later.

Who is How to use Microsoft Teams aimed at?

Anyone wishing to learn how to use MS Teams in their workplace

Course Length

2-3 hours (on MS Teams)

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the training, participants will:

  • Have used and practised using all the tools available on MS Teams and understand the restrictions and capabilities of the online platform
  • Know and have practised how to use the new breakout room function, screen sharing, different screen views, playing videos, sharing documents and using the ‘chat function.
  • Have learnt how to structure a virtual session
  • Have used different web based tools outside of MS Teams to make their virtual sessions more interactive (eg Jamboard and Slido)
  • Have learnt many useful hints and tips on MS Teams and on how to successfully run a virtual session

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