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The course has a duration of 3 hours. Learning methods include group work, discussion, video and slide presentation. Students are supplied with a workbook they can fill in as the course progresses

Who is Tissue Viability aimed at?

Staff in care settings who support people with existing wounds or those whose skin is vulnerable to breaking down

Course Length

a half day

Learning Outcomes

To help learners:- 

  • To be aware of the anatomy of the skin
  • To be aware of the factors influencing skin health
  • To be aware of areas of the body prone to pressure and moisture damage
  • To be aware of how to prevent pressure and moisture damage
  • To be aware of the Waterlow skin assessment and how different factors
  • influence skin integrity
  • Be aware of how low air loss and alternating pressure mattresses work to help to reduce pressure damage
  • Understand the importance of documentation

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