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Change in an organisation at any time is a source of concern and stress for its employees. Supporting staff to deal with this is an important part of an employer's responsibilities. The Aim of this workshop is to equip staff in any organisation to manage stress and boost their own resilience during

Who is Stress Awareness and Building Resilience in Times of Change aimed at?

This session is aimed at all employees who are looking to manage their stress and become more resilient when facing change and challenge.

Course Length

a half day

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:- 

  • Define what Stress is, why we get stressed, the causes of stress and the damaging effects it has on wellbeing (Physiological, Emotional and Behavioural Effects)
  • Individuals consider how to recognise when they themselves are stressed 
  • the importance of self care in managing stress and building resilience
  • Plan a personal approach to managing stress by identifying Coping Strategies
  • The skill of Resilience and bounce back - What it is and how to develop it ourselves
  • Positive Mind, Positive Thinking, Changing Perception by using Reframing
  • Consider Lifestyle healthy changes such as diet, exercise, and sleep for more energy
  • Meditation and Mindfulness as a technique to restore balance
  • Consider Behavioural Changes such as better Time Management and prioritising, Assertiveness, using Social Support Network (Talking to Someone), taking time for  a hobby or joining a club to relax and recharge
  • Who else can help e.g. Employee Assistance Programme


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