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The strengths or asset based approach, which is mandated in the Care Act, is about focusing on what a person can do, rather than what they cannot do, it is a move away from considering needs to explore and maximise the person’s skills, relationships and resources. Engaging with the person at the centre, the practitioner’s role is to support the person to make the best decisions for them. It involves mapping what is available in the community, tapping into universal services to find what is right for the person and being as creative as possible to find solutions that best meet the person’s outcomes and enhance their wellbeing. The Care Act also highlights the importance of an individual defining their own personal outcomes related to what is important to them. These are distinct from eligibility outcomes defined under the Act. This one day Strengths Based Approaches Training course looks at how the subject of supporting a person to define and record their outcomes during an assessment is done and how to adopt the strengths based approach by changing the questions asked. Examples and case studies from other authorities will be presented, using a range of materials. The course will explore the 3 conversations approach developed by Partners4Change and will provide an extensive list of potential questions for practitioners to consider and to adapt to their own practice.

Who is Strengths Based Approaches aimed at?

All Staff working in Adult Social Care

Course Length

1 Day

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this one day programme, delegates will:

  • Be able to define a strengths based approach, its values, importance and benefits
  • Know what the Care Act states about the strengths based approach
  • Understand the difference between personal and eligibility outcomes
  • Support an individual to define their own outcomes, preferably at the start of an assessment
  • Feel confident in using the approach and focusing on the person’s skills and strengths, prior to considering their needs
  • Understand the approach in relation to risk assessment and mental capacity
  • Explore with the person what is available for them in their community
  • Adapt and test out a strengths based list of questions to suit their own practice
  • Know how to use this approach throughout the customer journey

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