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This is a short, practical skills course that is designed around aligning all employees against sexual harassment in the workplace as well as any form of harassment. To do this the trainer gets employees to explore and understand what is expected of them regarding acceptable conduct under company policy and UK law as well what is expected of an employer as part of their legal duty of care.

Who is Sexual Harassment Briefing aimed at?

Anyone in the workplace who needs to update their awareness of what constitutes sexual harassment and acceptable behaviour

Course Length

Half day

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace as well as other forms of harassment.
  • With reference to company policy and employment law, be able to explain and demonstrate what is acceptable conduct and the consequences of not acting appropriately in the workplace.
  • Identify through a series of scenarios, best practice for dealing with sexual harassment either as a recipient of unwanted conduct or indirectly in support of a colleague who is the recipient.
  • Understand how organizational culture can encourage sexual harassment in the workplace and the preventative measures needed to be made to eliminate this.

A half day course for managers is also available

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