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This course will give learners the knowledge they need to be able to identify the signs and symptoms of abuse and what they need to do if they suspect a child is being abused or discloses sensitive information to them. The training gives you a deeper understanding of safeguarding issues and how to effectively report them when abuse is suspected.

Who is Safeguarding Children Level 2 aimed at?

Anyone who works with children

Course Length

a half day

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, you will learn:- 

  • The profound impact some well-known cases of child abuse and neglect have had on legislation.
  • The ability to explain the importance of multi-agency co-operation.
  • How to define safeguarding in respect to children and young people.
  • What you need to do if a child makes a disclosure or if you suspect abuse.
  • What whistleblowing is, what it is not and why it is important.
  • Ways you can reduce the risk of abuse.
  • The signs and symptoms of the different types of abuse.


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