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This course is for social workers and other frontline practitioners who wish to gauge a better understanding of how culture, identity, religion interact within south-asian communities and how this can affect engagement with statutory assessments. It outlines challenges that front line workers may face and provides solutions to effective engagement with this diaspora on both safeguarding agendas and assessment

Who is Safeguarding and Cultural Sensitivity aimed at?

Social workers and other frontline practitioners

Course Length

1 Day

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:-

  • Understand the mechanics of south-asian culture and the intersectionality between culture, religion and identity when undertaking statutory assessments.
  • Able to confidently explain how parts south-asian culture i.e. Izzat, Sharam, biradari, Kaum, male patriarchy and tribal ideals can create barriers and complexities  for this diaspora to engage with safeguarding agencies,programmes and assessments.
  • To be able to confidently apply a robust range of instruments such as; a do/don’t list, faith and community leader engagement tool be, cultural perspectives approach to encourage and support ‘buy in’ from south-asian communities around different safeguarding agendas.
  • To be able to appreciate and explore the specific stigma, taboos and negative experiences that victims/ whistleblowers face from this diaspora face when disclosing and/or visibly engaging with statutory services and assessments.
  • To deconstruct pinto’s and Maslow’s hierarchy of need to better understand the central importance that religion and culture play in everyday lived experiences of the diaspora.
  • To utilise a professional safeguarding case study to explore how theory learnt during the day can be applied in practice
  • To have a safe space for practitioners to discuss challenges they are facing with cases, assessments and be able to reflect on improve on their practice.

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