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What could a prospective customer find out about you and your business online? How would you handle the negative fall-out from an inadvertent tweet or on-line feedback from a customer? Virtually all purchasing decisions are emotionally-driven and the likelihood of someone doing business with you is significantly influenced by what they can find out about you and your business via a simple Google search.

Who is Reputation Management, Social Media & IT aimed at?

Anyone from any organisation who uses social media as a promotional tool and who wishes to use it more effectively

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, participants will understand how to influence the online image of themselves and their business through both planned promotional activities and the adoption of proven strategies to respond to online criticism or complaints. Specifically:

• Social media platforms which have the most online leverage

• Research into the shift in consumer behaviour stimulated by the growth of social media

• Three types of online reputation management: reputation insurance, reputation management and crisis management

• Best content to post online, the best time to post content and the best way to post content

• Findings of recent persuasion and influence research that we can use to our advantage when preparing online communications

• Most effective ways to nurture relationships, build a following and create conversations online

• Manage online negativity, criticism and complaints.

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