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This course provides an opportunity to understand the need for effective report writing and record keeping. Clear and comprehensive records are necessary to reflect key information including adult's wishes, needs and experiences. The aim of the course is to:- Understand the importance of written communication Remind you of your responsibilities with regards to producing, keeping and disposing of written records Confirm or Enhance your skills and knowledge Give you the tools to improve records you produce from now on.

Who is Report Writing and Record Keeping aimed at?

Staff working in adult social and health care

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course deleagtes will be able to:-

  • Producing clear and concise records
  • Correctly use the appropriate terms
  • Protect themselves and their organisation
  • Include relevant information in the right manner
  • Fully comply with their obligations as set out by legislation and their employer’s policies and procedures.

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