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For new & existing managers to develop reflective supervision practice & make reflective conversations part of the culture of support for team members.

Who is Reflective Supervision aimed at?

New & existing managers

Course Length

2 days

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:-

  • Consider the Integrated Model (4x4x4) of supervision and how it can assist in understanding the functions of supervision and its impact of supervision on others within the system.
  • Evaluate what constitutes excellent reflective supervision & be able to recognise its relevance to safe practice & positive outcomes for children & families/adults with care & support needs
  • Demonstrate the ability to engage in spontaneous reflective conversations in everyday practice not just in supervision
  • Demonstrate ability to engage in constructive challenging conversations with workers & record outcomes
  • Demonstrate ability to select most appropriate cases for reflective supervision
  • Support their practitioners to identify & critically reflect on their own professional & personal values & the impact these may have when working with children & families/adults with care & support needs

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