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This course gives participants the opportunity to explore the various facets of professional curiosity, including the reasons behind non compliance, guarding against the rule of optimism, ensuring a person’s maximum involvement in their own assessment and what gets in the way of professional curiosity.

Who is Professional Curiosity aimed at?

Staff in Adult Social Care

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, participants will:

  • Identify all the components linked to professional curiosity and to explore the range of reasons for not being professionally curious
  • Increase opportunities to maximise professional curiosity
  • Explore the full range of ways a person can be as fully involved as possible in every conversation/interaction
  • Extend legal knowledge  through revision and update of core Care Act principles and key duties and powers
  • Revisit the strengths based approach and expand on use of powerful questioning to more fully understand a person, their outcomes and their history, as required
  • Consider risk within a positive risk taking framework
  • Revisit facts and opinions and clearly articulate and record information
  • Ensure that decision making is defensible, that clear factual evidence is provided to support decisions and includes reasoning for decisions and recommendations and considers risk, capacity, options and the person’s wishes and feelings
  • Develop and review own action plan to promote effective use of supervision
  • Consider tools and practices to create/expand own toolbox, to support self

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