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Prevention and Wellbeing form two of the major aspects of the Care Act 2014. The Act emphasises protecting and promoting a person’s independence, however defined by them, ensuring the person is fully involved and harnessing both the person’s inner strengths and the strengths within their family, network and community to meet needs and outcomes. Early intervention and resolution form an important part of this, with an emphasis on creative thinking and solutions and the avoidance of relying on care packages and long term support. The Wellbeing principle, the core principle of the Care Act, identifies nine core aspects which practitioners must consider in all interventions with a person. Two key Judicial Review cases with wellbeing as central aspects will be discussed with key learning points drawn from them. This course will cover what the Care Act Guidance states in respect of both subjects, will unpick the nine aspects of wellbeing, highlight the three components of the Prevention duty, namely prevent, reduce, delay and encourage practitioners to stretch their thinking in coming up with multiple examples of resources/options for each heading.

Who is Prevention and Wellbeing aimed at?

Adult Social Care Staff

Course Length

1 Day

Learning Outcomes

The course will include a large number of diverse case studies across client groups for practitioners to identify and expand on early intervention suggestions and ideas, and use strengths based questions to support and individual to identify what could assist them.

Examples from other local authorities will be shared.

The course will cover positive risk taking and the importance of the person being able to achieve the outcomes that matter to them, but with the necessary safeguards in place.  In this section, two case studies will be discussed.

The course will end with a section on strategies for practitioners to look after themselves.  Exercises to develop/increase emotional intelligence and resilience are included, alongside a toolbox for practitioners to pick and choose what might be supportive to them.


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