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In a relaxed and informal atmosphere, participants will explore the makings of professional authority and how to respectfully demonstrate it in day to day practice. It will consider the essence of professionalism and reflective practice in continuing professional development in health, social care and social work settings. It will also consider the contribution it makes to strengths based working and outcomes for customers and effective, evidence based decision making as well as its role in the resilience and efficacy of workers in a whole systems approach. It will examine confidence in decision making and respectful assertiveness, including saying no and using emotional intelligence to address the potential for conflict

Who is Practicing with Professional Authority aimed at?

Social care, health and social work team leaders, managers and staff

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the Elements of Professionalism – attitude, skill and knowledge
  • Understand Key Principles of reflective practice and its role in worker development and the making of a professional.
  • Understand the evidence base for decisions and how the worker’s ability to reflect on and, thereafter, capture what has informed this is essential for defensible practice
  • Understand what there is to reflect upon in social care practice: reflexivity and learning from others. Good practice-bad practice comparators in one’s own practice and why this needs to be noted in records
  • Understand the integration of the self with the theoretical frameworks which inform social work: using social science research methodologies in reflective practice and how social science captures the researcher’s insights
  • Understand 'Honest reflections': the need to be aware of strengths and deficits in practice: emotional intelligence, assertiveness and the management of conflict situations – often when saying ‘no’
  • Have considered the impact of legislative duties on practice
  • Have identified the means to improve current practice

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