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This course aims to examine positive approaches to risk and choices in asset care and support. It is rooted in the strength based focus of the Care Act which encourages workers to consider helping people to identify their assets (strengths, talents, gifts, connections and relationships) to mobilise them rather than to meet needs through the provision of traditional social care services such as residential or day care. The day provides the opportunity to explore the issues and their roles in a safe place so that they can reflect on what, culturally needs to change to embed asset based approaches in their practice. It draws on models of good practice from around the country explored through TLAP (Think Local, Act Personal and SCIE) and is an opportunity to reflect on, and embed local policy and procedure.

Who is Positive Approaches to Risk aimed at?

Social workers, Social Care Assessors, Care Co-ordinators and Care Managers, Managers of care homes, home care organisations, day opportunities providers and others involved in providing care

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session participants will have been able to explore assessing risk whilst promoting choices to enable service users to achieve the outcomes which would make their lives better and would maximise their assets and strengths in their communities

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