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This half day course will raise awareness and familiarise staff with the various types of PEG feeding and medication administration techniques, ensuring staff have sufficient knowledge to work safely with them.

Who is PEG Tube Feeding aimed at?

Any staff who comes into contact regularly with service users who utilise a PEG

Course Length

Half day

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, participants will understand:

  • Accountability and working within our limitations
  • Documentation
  • What is a PEG?
  • Basic human anatomy and anatomy of the PEG
  • How the PEG is passed into the body
  • Why someone might have a PEG
  • Complications and troubleshooting
  • Care of the PEG – site, flushing the tube
  • How to set up a feed and safe feeding via a PEG
  • Giving medications into the PEG
  • Dealing with blocked PEG tubes
  • Care of the person with the PEG
  • When to ask for specialist help.


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