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This one-day course offers an overview of recent relevant reviews’ findings, particularly in relation to infants and adolescents (e.g. Complexity and Challenge, Out of Routine, National review of NAI in under 1’s, It was hard to escape, etc). Together with information from relevant research it will set the context to help practitioners begin to identify which may be the more vulnerable groups of children and which may be the most recurrent themes within families.

Who is Non-Accidental Injury (NAI) In Children aimed at?

Practitioners in children's social care

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be offered the opportunity to:-

  • Assessing NAI  – what can we learn from recent reviews and inquiries?
  • Assessing risk in context – what do we need to know when formulating an assessment of risk -where might the information come from?
  • Working with the multi agency network to gather and analyse information – including the role of child protection medicals and strategy discussions in keeping children safe from harm.
  • Consideration of the information that must required from the multiagency network in order to understand the background and social context of the child for whom there is a concern.
  • The role of designated professionals as part of a multi-agency response to non-accidental injury -contribution to assessments/strategy discussions and other child care meetings.

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