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A three-hour session for delegates to understand how to understand a methodology of understanding patterns of behaviour – our habits – and how to change the results in all aspects of our lives, health, relationships, work. The course will enable candidates to apply NLP (neuro linguistic programming) personally and professionally to understand others better and communicate to change patterns of behaviour and overcome self-limitations.

Who is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Communication and Influencing aimed at?

All Staff

Course Length

half day

Learning Outcomes

  • Change beliefs and behaviours in self and others
  • Form rapport and communicate more effectively, improving people reading
  • Become more in control of conversations and build influence and persuasion
  • Take control of your state at any time, choose the state you wish
  • Use language as a precise tool for motivation through communication
  • Recognise language structures that people use to communicate on the same level, ensuring clarity of communication is achieved
  • Build ability to match another person’s communication style
  • Build awareness of how our communication can makes others feel and control this action to influence positive results

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