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This course introduces participants to the causes and impact of neglect on children, including its impact on development, health, attachment patterns and resilience. It will equip practitioners with the knowledge and skills to recognise and assess for neglect amongst children and understand the concept of thresholds. It will allow participants to expand their knowledge in the causes and impact of neglect on children in terms of their development and well- being and to look at how neglect is assessed and the concept of thresholds of harm.

Who is Neglect aimed at?

Social Work staff, both children/ families and generic

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

On conclusion of the course participants will:

  •  Understand the meaning of the term neglect and what this means in practice
  • Understand the role of thresholds in decision making
  • Understand Assessment for neglect
  • Understand the importance of supporting families to alleviate the problems for children
  • Understand the importance of early interventions

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