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Building a team presents the team leader with a few challenges. Differing personalities are an obvious challenge, but different age groups representing different generations bring their own differing needs and expectations. ‘Baby Boomers’ in the team, for instance, may have a different set of values from team members from the current Generation Alpha The aim of this course is to examine the different generations in terms of perception and expectations, in order to develop a better understanding of how teams with a wide age range can successfully work together

Who is Multi-Generational Teams aimed at?

Managers, Leaders and Supervisors of Teams

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

On conclusion of the course, participants will have:

  • Identified the difference between Baby Boomers, Millennials, Generation X, Z and Alpha.
  •   Examined the needs and expectation of each generation and discussed the impact this has on the team.
  • Studied where the different generations cross over and find common interests
  •   Discussed the advantages and disadvantages this may have for the team
  •  Built on these different needs and expectations to strengthen the team.
  • Examined the use of Transactional Analysis to identify different behaviours.

The course is interactive, and participants will be getting involved in activities and discussions and possibly a little role play. However, the ethos is light-hearted and fun.

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