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Make sure your message is heard with presentation slides that inform and engage your audience in this intermediate PowerPoint course

Who is Intermediate Microsoft PowerPoint aimed at?

Anyone in the organisation with a basic knowledge of MS Powerpoint who wishes to upgrade their skills

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, participants will understand further features of MS Powerpoint to help them in preparing presentations of all kinds. These include:

Chapter Six: Formatting a Presentation

  • Using Document Themes
  • Changing the Background of a Slide
  • Rearranging Slides
  • Adding Headers and Footers
  • Using the Slide Master
  • Working with Bulleted and Numbered Lists
  • Formatting Paragraphs
  • Working with Tabs and Indents
  • Changing Page Setup

Chapter Seven: Working with Objects

  • Inserting Clip Art
  • Inserting Screenshots
  • Inserting Pictures and Graphics Files
  • Removing Backgrounds from Pictures and Graphics
  • Altering the Look of Pictures and Graphics
  • Formatting Pictures and Graphics
  • Inserting Shapes
  • Formatting Shapes
  • Resize, Move, Copy and Delete Objects
  • Positioning Objects
  • Applying Special Effects
  • Grouping Objects
  • Aligning and Distributing Objects
  • Flipping and Rotating Objects
  • Layering Objects

Chapter Eight: Working with Tables

  • Creating a Table
  • Working with a Table
  • Adjusting Column Width and Row Height
  • Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
  • Merging and Splitting Cells
  • Working with Borders and Shading
  • Applying a Table Style

Chapter Nine: Working with Charts and SmartArt

  • Inserting a Chart
  • Inserting Chart Data
  • Resizing and Moving a Chart
  • Changing Chart Type
  • Formatting a Chart
  • Working with Labels
  • Formatting Chart Elements
  • Creating a Chart Template
  • Inserting SmartArt
  • Working with SmartArt Elements
  • Formatting SmartArt
  • Converting Slide Text into SmartArT


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