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A primary focus for children’s social care authorities, and so that they meet Ofsted requirements, is to ensure that managers carefully oversee casework assessments, plans and reviews so that these demonstrate timely and purposeful work with children. Good quality and consistent Management Oversight is essential so that an authority can deliver its service priorities. Following Ofsted inspections, lack of Management Oversight is commonly reported as being a major issue. To address this our Management Oversight training is absolutely specific and unique to each of our clients in the same way that the issues and work practices in that client’s service are also unique. Talking Life will work with you and your nominees as we design and deliver a development programme to your chosen audiences. Afterwards, we feed back to your organisation the voice of your delegates in order to ensure that all of your staff have an investment in establishing and maintaining meaningful Management Oversight. This is generally a one day programme of delivery, however it can be expanded to become a wider syllabus with a second day being added that addresses leadership and supervision development issues. You will see below the links that Ofsted make between Management Oversight and Supervision and you may feel this is an opportunity to embed both these modules within a wider Managers’ Development Programme that your Organisation might already have in place

Who is Management Oversight Training aimed at?

Leaders and supervisors in Children’s & Families Social Care

Course Length

1 – 2 days of delivery plus 2-3 days of development.

Learning Outcomes

The course is fully bespoked to fit your requirements and/or specific requirements relating to any Ofsted report you have received.


“I liked that although this training was due to an area that Ofsted identified as a gap, the trainer didn’t make us feel inadequate but worked with us to find solutions. He also had some very good exercises, I liked the ‘scenario’ exercise at the end looking at thresholds and decision making” Social Worker, West Sussex County Council 

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