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Turn unorganized data into further useful information and quickly make spreadsheets for your colleagues in this intermediate Excel course

Who is Intermediate Microsoft Excel aimed at?

Anyone in the organisation with a beginner's understanding of MS Excel who wishes to upgrade their skills with this software

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

Participants will, on completion of this course, understand the following elements of the software: 

Creating and Working with Charts

Choosing and Selecting the Source Data

Choosing the Right Chart

Inserting a Chart

Editing, Adding, and Removing Chart Data

Changing Chart Data

Changing Chart Layout and Style

Working with Chart Labels

Changing the Chart Gridlines

Changing the Scale

Emphasizing Data

Using Chart Templates

Changing Chart Type

Using Sparklines

Managing Workbooks

Using Workbook Views

Selecting and Switching Between Worksheets

Inserting and Deleting Worksheets

Renaming, Moving, and Copying Worksheets

Splitting and Freezing a Window

Creating Headers and Footers

Hiding Rows, Columns, Worksheets, and Windows

Setting the Print Area

Adjusting Page Margins and Orientation

Adding Print Titles, Gridlines, and Row and Column Headings

Adjusting Paper Size and Print Scale

Printing a Selection, Multiple Worksheets, and Workbooks

Working with Multiple Workbook Windows

Creating a Template

Protecting a Workbook

Protecting Worksheets and Worksheet Elements

Sharing a Workbook

More Functions and Formulas

Formulas with Multiple Operators

Inserting and Editing a Function

AutoCalculate and Manual Calculation

Defining Names

Using and Managing Defined Names

Displaying and Tracing Formulas

Understanding Formula Errors Using Logical Functions (IF)

Using Financial Functions (PMT)

Using Database Functions (DSUM)

Using Lookup Functions (VLOOKUP)

User Defined and Compatibility Functions

Financial Functions

Date & Time Functions

Math & Trig Functions

Statistical Functions

Lookup & Reference Functions

Database Functions

Text Functions

Logical Functions

Information Functions

Engineering and Cube Functions

Working with Data Ranges

Sorting by One Column

Sorting by Colours or Icons

Sorting by Multiple Columns

Sorting by a Custom List

Filtering Data

Creating a Custom AutoFilter

Using an Advanced Filter

Working with Tables

Creating a Table

Adding and Removing Data

Working with the Total Row

Sorting a Table

Filtering a Table

Removing Duplicate Rows of Data

Formatting the Table

Using Data Validation

Summarizing a Table with a PivotTable

Converting to a Range

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