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Having to communicate directly with children and young people as a social care worker requires a specific and important skill set. This course sets out to guide the social worker to understand the relevant process and dynamics involved and develop reflective and reflexive skills to enable them to master the art of difficult conversations.

Who is Having difficult conversations with children and young people aimed at?

All those who work directly with children and young people

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

 • Understand the process and dynamics of communication between child and worker

• Develop reflective and reflexive skills to help managing difficult conversations

• Recognise the times, places and topics where conversations are more likely to feel difficult

• Reflect on why specific conversations may feel more difficult than others

• Apply trauma theory and attachment theory to understand and improve communication skills

• Develop mind mindedness / reflective functioning skills

• Apply systemic theory to tools to ease conversation difficulty

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